Mathematics Ebooks

Vectors in Two or Three Dimensions ebook cover
Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows ebook cover
Design of Experiments for Engineers and Scientists ebook cover
TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator For Dummies ebook cover
Extending the Linear Model with R ebook cover
The Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics ebook cover
Data Analysis Graphics Using R 2ed ebook cover
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Statistics for the Utterly Confused, 2nd edition ebook cover
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Mathematics for Neuroscientists ebook cover
An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology ebook cover
Clinical Trials: A Methodologic Perspective ebook cover
II: Fourier Analysis, Self-Adjointness ebook cover
$169.40 $180.00
Handbook of the Logic of Argument and Inference: The Turn Towards the Practical ebook cover
$146.60 $155.00
Essential Math and Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians ebook cover
Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering ebook cover
Compression Algorithms for Real Programmers ebook cover
Game Theory: Mathematical Models of Conflict ebook cover
Boundary Value Problems: and Partial Differential Equations ebook cover
Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason ebook cover
Beyond Reason: Eight Great Problems That Reveal the Limits of Science ebook cover
The Cult of Statistical Significance ebook cover
Analysis, Manifolds and Physics, Part II - Revised and Enlarged Edition ebook cover
$155.75 $165.00
Conceptual Roots of Mathematics ebook cover
Digital Geometry: Geometric Methods for Digital Picture Analysis ebook cover