Mechanical Ebooks

Tall and Super Tall Buildings: Planning and Design ebook cover
$93.95 $99.95
Dynamic Analysis of Skeletal Structures ebook cover
Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual, Third Edition ebook cover
$93.95 $99.95
Droplet Wetting and Evaporation: From Pure to Complex Fluids ebook cover
$160.30 $170.00
Fatigue of Textile Composites ebook cover
$277.80 $300.00
Mineral Scales and Deposits: Scientific and Technological Approaches ebook cover
$236.45 $255.00
Robust Design of Microelectronics Assemblies Against Mechanical Shock, Temperature and Moisture ebook cover
$187.45 $200.00
The Leptonic Magnetic Monopole - Theory and Experiments ebook cover
Advances in Battery Technologies for Electric Vehicles ebook cover
$245.45 $265.00
Computer Aided Design of Control Systems ebook cover
Theory and Application of Digital Control ebook cover
American Microelectronics Data Annual 1964-65 ebook cover
TV & Video Engineer's Reference Book ebook cover
Proceedings of the Eighth Power Systems Computation Conference ebook cover
Control in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives ebook cover
Mechanical Engineer's Reference Book ebook cover
Handbook for Radio Engineering Managers ebook cover
Our Space Environment, Opportunities, Stakes and Dangers ebook cover
Particles and Waves in Electron Optics and Microscopy ebook cover
Thermodynamic Approaches in Engineering Systems ebook cover
$232.05 $250.00
Multi-disciplinary Sustainable Engineering ebook cover
Application of Thermo-Fluidic Measurement Techniques: An Introduction ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00
Applied Research in Hydraulics and Heat Flow ebook cover
Design for Advanced Manufacturing: Technologies, and Processes ebook cover
$166.35 $180.00