Media Studies Ebooks

White: Essays on Race and Culture ebook cover
True Crime: Observations on Violence and Modernity ebook cover
Social Media, Social Genres: Making Sense of the Ordinary ebook cover
The Islamic World ebook cover
AS & A2 Media Studies: The Essential Revision Guide for AQA ebook cover
Crossover Cinema: Cross-Cultural Film from Production to Reception ebook cover
Japanese Horror Films and their American Remakes ebook cover
The Sound Production Handbook ebook cover
Framing Formalism: Riegl's Work ebook cover
Annoying the Victorians ebook cover
Information Subject ebook cover
Looking In: The Art of Viewing ebook cover
Disciplinarity and Dissent in Cultural Studies ebook cover
Feminism Beside Itself ebook cover
The Gods of Ancient Rome: Religion in Everyday Life from Archaic to Imperial Times ebook cover
Journalism as Practice: MacIntyre, Virtue Ethics and the Press ebook cover
Media Law: A User's Guide for Film and Programme Makers ebook cover
Racing Cyberculture: Minoritarian Art and Cultural Politics on the Internet ebook cover
Human, All Too Human ebook cover
That or Which, and Why: A Usage Guide for Thoughtful Writers and Editors ebook cover
Ratings Analysis: Audience Measurement and Analytics ebook cover
Multiplayer: The Social Aspects of Digital Gaming ebook cover
The Containment of Soccer in Australia: Fencing Off the World Game ebook cover
Mediating the Message in the 21st Century: A Media Sociology Perspective ebook cover