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Healthcare Informatics ebook cover
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Gender and the Making of Modern Medicine in Colonial Egypt ebook cover
Health Information Management ebook cover
Healthcare Business Intelligence ebook cover
Electronic Health Records: An Audit and Internal Control Guide ebook cover
Integrating Device Data into the Electronic Medical Record ebook cover
Electronic Health Record: Standards, Coding Systems, Frameworks, and Infrastructures ebook cover
Electronic Health Records For Dummies ebook cover
Handbook of Evaluation Methods for Health Informatics ebook cover
Healthcare Information Technology Exam Guide for CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician and HIT Pro Certifications ebook cover
The Poetry of Raymond Carver: Against the Current ebook cover
Wounds in the Middle Ages ebook cover
The Plague Epic in Early Modern England: Heroic Measures, 1603-1721 ebook cover
A Preliminary Design for a Universal Patient Medical Record: Re-engineering Health Care ebook cover
A History of Intelligence and 'Intellectual Disability' ebook cover
The Body Divided: Human Beings and Human 'Material' in Modern Medical History ebook cover
A Social History of Maternity and Childbirth ebook cover
A Cretan Healer's Handbook in the Byzantine Tradition: Text, Translation and Commentary ebook cover
Psychosomatic Disorders in Seventeenth-Century French Literature ebook cover
Health and Disease in Byzantine Crete (7th-12th centuries AD) ebook cover
Diagnosing Empire: Women, Medical Knowledge, and Colonial Mobility ebook cover
Secrets and Knowledge in Medicine and Science, 1500-1800 ebook cover
Medicine, Government and Public Health in Philip II's Spain ebook cover
Herbs and Healers from the Ancient Mediterranean through the Medieval West ebook cover