Metallurgy Ebooks

Lead 65: Edited Proceedings, Second International Conference on Lead, Arnhem ebook cover
Atomic Structure and the Strength of Metals ebook cover
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Computer Software in Chemical and Extractive Metallurgy ebook cover
Extraction, Refining, and Fabrication of Light Metals ebook cover
Gas Phase Metal Reactions ebook cover
Flash Smelting: Analysis, Control and Optimization ebook cover
The Study of Metal Structures and Their Mechanical Properties ebook cover
Marine and Offshore Corrosion: Marine Engineering Series ebook cover
Determination of the Mechanical and Technological Properties of Metals ebook cover
Mechanical Alloying: Nanotechnology, Materials Science and Powder Metallurgy ebook cover
$205.40 $220.00
Epitaxial Growth of Complex Metal Oxides ebook cover
$291.70 $315.00
Rehabilitation of Pipelines Using Fiber-reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites ebook cover
$245.45 $265.00
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Steel: From Mine to Mill, the Metal that Made America ebook cover
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Theory and Methods of Metallurgical Process Integration ebook cover
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Concepts in Physical Metallurgy ebook cover
Thermo-Mechanical Processing of Metallic Materials ebook cover
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Medicinal Chemistry of Anticancer Drugs ebook cover
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Primer on Flat Rolling ebook cover
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Fourth International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures ebook cover
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High Temperature Mechanical Behaviour of Ceramic Composites ebook cover
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Principles of Modern Grinding Technology ebook cover
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Mineral Processing Design and Operation: An Introduction ebook cover
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Defect Structure in Nanomaterials ebook cover
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Handbook of Metal Injection Molding ebook cover
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