Methodology Ebooks

International Focus Group Research ebook cover
Quantitative and Statistical Research Methods: From Hypothesis to Results ebook cover
Survey Methodology ebook cover
Quantum Dynamics for Classical Systems: With Applications of the Number Operator ebook cover
Basic Statistics for Social Research ebook cover
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The Myth of Individualism: How Social Forces Shape Our Lives ebook cover
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Process-Tracing Methods: Foundations and Guidelines ebook cover
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Social Sciences Research: Research, Writing, and Presentation Strategies for Students ebook cover
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Ethics in Ethnography: A Mixed Methods Approach ebook cover
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The Global Idea of The Commons ebook cover
Thinking Through Sociality: An Anthropological Interrogation of Key Concepts ebook cover
Managing Social Research: A Practical Guide ebook cover
Advances in Protein Chemistry ebook cover
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Cinderella Story ebook cover
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Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory ebook cover
Psychoanalysis in Social Research: Shifting Theories and Reframing Concepts ebook cover
Game Theory in the Social Sciences: A Reader-Friendly Guide ebook cover
Practice-Based Research in Social Work: A Guide for Reluctant Researchers ebook cover
The Saving Lie: Truth and Method in the Social Sciences ebook cover
Affectivity and the Social Bond ebook cover