Methods & Materials Ebooks

Getting Rid of Graffiti ebook cover
Model Perspectives: Structure, Architecture and Culture ebook cover
Coastal Planning and Management ebook cover
Open and Industrialised Building ebook cover
Life Cycle Costing for Construction ebook cover
$299.00 $315.00
Handbook of Thermal Analysis of Construction Materials ebook cover
$232.05 $250.00
Advanced Concrete Technology 2: Concrete Properties ebook cover
$131.00 $138.00
Advanced Concrete Technology 3: Processes ebook cover
$131.00 $138.00
Programming.Architecture ebook cover
Fundamental Building Materials: Fourth Edition ebook cover
Law, Wealth and Power in China: Commercial Law Reforms in Context ebook cover
Construction Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide ebook cover
Concrete Toronto: A Guide to Concrete Architecture from the Fifties to the Seventies ebook cover
$15.25 $16.95
Universal Design Handbook, 2E ebook cover
$160.10 $173.00
Lighting by Design ebook cover
Primary Care Centres ebook cover
Altering Houses and Small Scale Residential Developments ebook cover
Architecture in Formation: On the Nature of Information in Digital Architecture ebook cover
Design Games for Architecture: Creating Digital Design Tools with Unity ebook cover
Construction Statistics Annual, 2000 ebook cover
Drainage Details ebook cover
Fresh Concrete: Properties and Tests ebook cover
Solid Wood: Case Studies in Mass Timber Architecture, Technology and Design ebook cover
Asphalt Materials Science and Technology ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00