Microelectronics Ebooks

Vacuum and Ultravacuum: Physics and Technology ebook cover
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Programming the BBC micro:bit: Getting Started with MicroPython ebook cover
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Novel Wearable Antennas for Communication and Medical Systems ebook cover
Microcontroller Education: Do it Yourself, Reinvent the Wheel, Code to Learn ebook cover
Essential Matlab for Engineers and Scientists ebook cover
Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design: Applying the ARM mbed ebook cover
Test Gear and Measurements: A Collection of Useful and Tested Circuit Design Ideas' ebook cover
Microcomputer Interfacing and Applications ebook cover
Compact Models for Integrated Circuit Design: Conventional Transistors and Beyond ebook cover
Mixed-Signal Circuits ebook cover
Molecular Electronics: An Experimental and Theoretical Approach ebook cover
Physical Design for 3D Integrated Circuits ebook cover
Silicon Earth: Introduction to Microelectronics and Nanotechnology, Second Edition ebook cover
Nanoscale Silicon Devices ebook cover
Second Order Non-linear Optics of Silicon and Silicon Nanostructures ebook cover
Rare Earth and Transition Metal Doping of Semiconductor Materials ebook cover
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Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Spintronics ebook cover
Basic Elements of Crystallography, Second Edition ebook cover
III-V Integrated Circuit Fabrication Technology ebook cover
Passive and Discrete Circuits: Newnes Electronics Circuits Pocket Book, Volume 2 ebook cover
Integrated Lasers on Silicon ebook cover
Wireless MEMS Networks and Applications ebook cover
$187.45 $200.00
Organic Thin-Film Transistor Applications: Materials to Circuits ebook cover
Multiferroic Materials: Properties, Techniques, and Applications ebook cover