Middle Eastern Ebooks

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Turkestan Down to the Mongol Invasion ebook cover
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The Arabic Role in Medieval Literary History: A Forgotten Heritage ebook cover
Arab Representations of the Occident: East-West Encounters in Arabic Fiction ebook cover
An Introduction to Arabic Literature ebook cover
The Novel and the Rural Imaginary in Egypt, 1880-1985 ebook cover
Making the Great Book of Songs ebook cover
Art & War: Poetry, Pulp and Politics in Israeli Fiction ebook cover
Missing Soluch: A Novel ebook cover
A Mind at Peace ebook cover
Moscardino ebook cover
Mezzaterra: Fragments from the Common Ground ebook cover
Postcolonial Memoir in the Middle East: Rethinking the Liminal in Mashriqi Writing ebook cover
Palestinian Literature and Film in Postcolonial Feminist Perspective ebook cover
The Ethics of Representation in Literature, Art, and Journalism ebook cover
Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Terror in Literature and Culture ebook cover
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The Pearl of Dari: Poetry and Personhood among Young Afghans in Iran ebook cover
$24.95 $34.99
Souffles-Anfas: A Critical Anthology from the Moroccan Journal of Culture and Politics ebook cover
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The Legacy of Edward W. Said ebook cover
$18.45 $23.40
Orientalism Revisited: Art, Land and Voyage ebook cover
Medieval Arabic Praise Poetry: Ibn Al-Rumi and the Patron's Redemption ebook cover
3rd Grade History: The Egyptian Civilization: Egyptian Books for Kids ebook cover
Ancient Egypt: Pyramids and Pharaohs: Egyptian Books for Kids ebook cover
Fars-nama of Ibnu l-Balkhi ebook cover
Dante and Islam ebook cover