Middle Eastern Ebooks

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The Afghan War in 2013 ebook cover
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The Berber Identity Movement and the Challenge to North African States ebook cover
The Politics of the Trail: Reflexive Mountain Biking Along the Frontier of Jerusalem ebook cover
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The Abyss: Bridging the Divide between Israel and the Arab World ebook cover
$31.65 $39.00
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The 1973 Yom Kippur War and the Reshaping of Israeli Civil-Military Relations ebook cover
$64.05 $79.99
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Decolonizing Democracy: Intersections of Philosophy and Postcolonial Theory ebook cover
$60.10 $74.99
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Nothing Abides: Perspectives on the Middle East and Islam ebook cover
$19.65 $24.95
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Politics and War in Lebanon: Unraveling the Enigma ebook cover
$61.55 $79.95
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Ben-Gurion: His Later Years in the Political Wilderness ebook cover
$31.60 $42.00
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Fault Lines, The New Updated Edition ebook cover
$8.00 $9.99
The Turkish AK Party and its Leader: Criticism, opposition and dissent ebook cover
Charand-o Parand: Revolutionary Satire from Iran, 1907-1909 ebook cover
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Fear and Faith in Paradise: Exploring Conflict and Religion in the Middle East ebook cover
$34.85 $43.00
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Britain's Unfulfilled Mandate for Palestine ebook cover
$79.65 $99.99
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Islam and Politics in the Middle East: Explaining the Views of Ordinary Citizens ebook cover
$38.20 $49.99
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Group Conflict and Political Mobilization in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf ebook cover
$23.15 $29.99
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America's Destruction of Iraq ebook cover
$4.55 $5.99
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National and State Identity in Turkey ebook cover
$60.10 $75.00
Political Islam and Global Media: The boundaries of religious identity ebook cover
Hamas and the Media: Politics and strategy ebook cover
Minority Rights in Turkey: A Battlefield for Europeanization ebook cover
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Contemporary Anti-Muslim Politics: Aggressions and Exclusions ebook cover
$66.55 $89.99
Track Two Diplomacy and Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Old City Initiative ebook cover
Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in Turkey: From Ottoman Rule to AKP ebook cover