Middle Eastern Ebooks

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Israel's Governability Crisis: Quandaries, Unstructured Institutions, and Adaptation ebook cover
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Radical Origins ebook cover
Contested Sites in Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Old City Initiative ebook cover
Saudi Arabia in the New Middle East ebook cover
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Local Ownership of Peacebuilding in Afghanistan ebook cover
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Perspectives on Western Sahara: Myths, Nationalisms, and Geopolitics ebook cover
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Ethos Clash in Israeli Society ebook cover
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Madame Ambassador: Behind the Scenes with a Candid Israeli Diplomat ebook cover
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Emotional State Theory: Friendship and Fear in Israeli Foreign Policy ebook cover
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Civil War Interventions and Their Benefits: Unequal Return ebook cover
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Muslim Democracy ebook cover
Comparative Political and Economic Perspectives on the MENA Region ebook cover
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A Century of Arab Politics: From the Arab Revolt to the Arab Spring ebook cover
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International Conflict Analysis in South Asia: A Study of Sectarian Violence in Pakistan ebook cover
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Drones and Targeted Killing in the Middle East and Africa ebook cover
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Why Was the Soviet Union Fighting in Afghanistan Before the USA? ebook cover
Presidentialism in Turkey: Instability and Change ebook cover
The Small Gulf States: Foreign and Security Policies before and after the Arab Spring ebook cover