Military Ebooks

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Tony Gregory ebook cover
$9.10 $10.99
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Joseph Plunkett: 16Lives ebook cover
$9.90 $11.99
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Murder, Mutiny & Mayhem: The Blackest-Hearted Villains from Irish History ebook cover
$8.05 $9.99
Sangin a Glance Through Afghan Eyes ebook cover
Lady Rebel: The Story of Loreta Velazsquez ebook cover
$7.40 $7.95
How Private George W. Peck Single-handedly Won The Civil War ebook cover
$7.40 $7.95
Wellington's Men ebook cover
$7.40 $7.95
OVERLOOKED HERO: A Portrait of Sir Sidney Smith ebook cover
$7.40 $7.95
Six Who Dared: The Lives of Six Great Soldiers of Fortune ebook cover
$7.40 $7.95
Lieutenant Henry: Memoir of a Marine ebook cover
Hidden Hell ebook cover
$9.35 $11.99
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Above the Clouds:Memoirs of a B-26 Marauder Pilot ebook cover
$4.99 $6.99
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The Final Tally ebook cover
$5.80 $7.50
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The Dark Journey , Inside the Reeducation Camps of Viet Cong ebook cover
$8.05 $9.99
The Architect of Victory ebook cover
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McClellan's War: The Failure of Moderation in the Struggle for the Union ebook cover
$25.85 $33.99
Sacrifice on the Steppe: The Italian Alpine Corps in the Stalingrad Campaign, 1942-1943 ebook cover
David Crockett: The Lion of the West ebook cover
Ethan Allen: His Life and Times ebook cover
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Glider Infantryman: Behind Enemy Lines in World War II ebook cover
$15.20 $19.95
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Death of a Rebel: The Charlie Fenton Story ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
Caught in the Crossfire: An Australian peacekeeper beyond the front-line ebook cover
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Eager for Glory: The Untold Story of Drusus The Elder, Conqueror of Germania ebook cover
$9.40 $12.09
Hitler's Hangman: The Life of Heydrich ebook cover