The Making of the Roman Army: From Republic to Empire ebook cover
War In The Early Modern World ebook cover
The Role and Control of Weapons in the 1990s ebook cover
The Value of Human Life in Soviet Warfare ebook cover
The Geopolitics of Resource Wars ebook cover
The Russian General Staff and Asia, 1860-1917 ebook cover
Cooperative Security in the Asia-Pacific: The ASEAN Regional Forum ebook cover
From Soldier to Civvy: Reflections on National Service ebook cover
Troepie: From Call-Up to Camps ebook cover
Encyclopedia of Conflicts Since World War II ebook cover
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The New Citizen Armies: Israel's Armed Forces in Comparative Perspective ebook cover
Mapping Transatlantic Security Relations: The EU, Canada and the War on Terror ebook cover
Modern War and the Utility of Force: Challenges, Methods and Strategy ebook cover
Striving for Military Stability in Europe ebook cover
Global Insurgency and the Future of Armed Conflict: Debating Fourth-Generation Warfare ebook cover