Military Science Ebooks

Protracted Refugee Situations: Domestic and International Security Implications ebook cover
United States - Africa Security Relations ebook cover
Special Trust and Confidence: The Making of an Officer ebook cover
New Conventional Weapons and Western Defence ebook cover
Weapons Under Fire ebook cover
The Theory and Practice of Irregular Warfare: Warrior-scholarship in counter-insurgency ebook cover
Nonlinear Science and Warfare ebook cover
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Dennis 'Hurricane' David: My Autobiography ebook cover
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China's Power and Asian Security ebook cover
The Beginnings of Strategic Air Power: A History of the British Bomber Force 1923-1939 ebook cover
Non-state Threats and Future Wars ebook cover
Russia's Security Policy under Putin: A critical perspective ebook cover
Data Fusion Support to Activity-Based Intelligence ebook cover
$174.65 $199.00
The Human Factors of Fratricide ebook cover
Beyond the Security Dilemma: Ending America's Cold War ebook cover
Understanding Victory and Defeat in Contemporary War ebook cover
Budgeting, Financial Management, and Acquisition Reform in the U.S. Department of Defense ebook cover
Handbook of Refractory Carbides and Nitrides ebook cover
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Detecting and Classifying Low Probability of Intercept Radar, Second Edition ebook cover
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EW 103: Tactical Battlefield Communications Electronic Warfare ebook cover
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Lyndon B. Johnson and the Politics of Arms Sales to Israel: In the Shadow of the Hawk ebook cover
The United States and NATO since 9/11: The Transatlantic Alliance Renewed ebook cover
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Establishing a Legacy: The History of the Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1953 ebook cover
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India and the South Asian Strategic Triangle ebook cover