Mobile & Wireless Communications Ebooks

Wireless and Mobile Networks Security ebook cover
Mobile Handset Design ebook cover
Mobile Access Safety: Beyond BYOD ebook cover
Radio Resource Allocation and Dynamic Spectrum Access ebook cover
Energy Efficiency in Wireless Networks ebook cover
Wireless Optical Telecommunications ebook cover
The Internet of Things: Connecting Objects ebook cover
Radio Resources Management in WiMAX: From Theoretical Capacity to System Simulations ebook cover
Reconfigurable Radio Systems: Network Architectures and Standards ebook cover
Wireless Networking: Understanding Internetworking Challenges ebook cover
LTE-Advanced DRX Mechanism for Power Saving ebook cover
Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution ebook cover
Resource Allocation in Uplink OFDMA Wireless Systems ebook cover
802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging Design and Evolution: The Architect's Perspective ebook cover
Introduction to Wireless Localization: With iPhone SDK Examples ebook cover
Baseband Receiver Design for Wireless MIMO-OFDM Communications ebook cover
Amazing Android Apps For Dummies ebook cover
Handbook of Smart Antennas for RFID Systems ebook cover
WiMAX Technology and Network Evolution ebook cover
Multi-Mode / Multi-Band RF Transceivers for Wireless Communications ebook cover