Modern Ebooks

The Story of Analytic Philosophy: Plot and Heroes ebook cover
Hume's Epistemology and Metaphysics ebook cover
Hegel's 'Phenomenology of Spirit' ebook cover
The Two Pragmatisms ebook cover
Wittgenstein's Tractatus: A Dialectical Interpretation ebook cover
Gramsci and Trotsky in the Shadow of Stalinism ebook cover
The Immaterial Self: A Defence of the Cartesian Dualist Conception of the Mind ebook cover
Kant, Critique and Politics ebook cover
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Rescuing Dewey: Essays in Pragmatic Naturalism ebook cover
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Donald Davidson: Truth, Meaning and Knowledge ebook cover
Grammar in Early Twentieth-Century Philosophy ebook cover
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Beyond Good and Evil ebook cover
$4.11 $4.99
Nyansapo (The Wisdom Knot): Toward an African Philosophy of Education ebook cover
Schelling versus Hegel: From German Idealism to Christian Metaphysics ebook cover
Between System and Poetics: William Desmond and Philosophy after Dialectic ebook cover
Modernity, Religion, and the War on Terror ebook cover
Augenblick ebook cover
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Between Utopia and Dystopia: Erasmus, Thomas More, and the Humanist Republic of Letters ebook cover
$32.05 $39.50
Paul Ricoeur Between Theology and Philosophy: Detour and Return ebook cover
Boost Your Child's Confidence: 52 Brilliant Drama Techniques to Help Your Child Shine ebook cover
$9.00 $9.95