Modern (Late 19th Century To 1945) Ebooks

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The Victorian House Explained ebook cover
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I Remember Sunnyside ebook cover
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Opportunity Road: Yonge Street 1860-1939 ebook cover
$6.80 $7.99
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A Cleveland Legacy: The Architecture of Walker and Weeks ebook cover
$30.85 $37.99
Architecture Re-assembled: The Use (and Abuse) of History ebook cover
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Swahili Port Cities: The Architecture of Elsewhere ebook cover
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$23.55 $29.99
Frank Furness: Architecture in the Age of the Great Machines ebook cover
Bay Bridge: History and Design of a New Icon ebook cover
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Chicago Skyscrapers, 1871-1934 ebook cover
$35.00 $44.96
The Transactions of the Royal Institute of British Architects Town Planning Conference, London, 10-15 October 1910 ebook cover
Shaping Seattle Architecture: A Historical Guide to the Architects, Second Edition ebook cover
From Impressionism to Post-Impressionism - Art History Book for Children | Children's Arts, Music & Photography Books ebook cover
Our World in Bits and Pieces ebook cover
Drawing the Unbuildable: Seriality and Reproduction in Architecture ebook cover
Relics of the Reich: The Buildings The Nazis Left Behind ebook cover
Architecture and Capitalism: 1845 to the Present ebook cover
American Architects and the Single-Family Home ebook cover
The Optimum Imperative: Czech Architecture for the Socialist Lifestyle, 1938-1968 ebook cover
This Millennium so Far | Children's Modern History ebook cover
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A Thousand Days in Berlin: Tales of Property Pioneering ebook cover
$5.80 $7.00
The 20th Century through Children's Eyes | Children's Modern History ebook cover
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Tales of a Century-Old Courthouse: New Madrid County, Missouri ebook cover
$6.00 $7.99
Frank Lloyd Wright: The Lost Years, 1910-1922 ebook cover