Modern (Late 19th Century To 1945) Ebooks

Pilgrimage and Politics in Colonial Bengal: The Myth of the Goddess Sati ebook cover
Free as Gods: How the Jazz Age Reinvented Modernism ebook cover
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Constructing the Viennese Modern Body: Art, Hysteria, and the Puppet ebook cover
Nature and the Nation in Fin-de-Sicle France ebook cover
Surrealism and the Gothic: Castles of the Interior ebook cover
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Visualizing the Text: From Manuscript Culture to the Age of Caricature ebook cover
$77.00 $104.50
New York Scene: 1906-1913 John Sloan ebook cover
The Concept of the Animal and Modern Theories of Art ebook cover
Ornament and European Modernism: From Art Practice to Art History ebook cover
Travel Marketing and Popular Photography in Britain, 1888-1939: Reading the Travel Image ebook cover
They Drew as They Pleased Vol. 3 ebook cover
$24.45 $25.99
Art as Music, Music as Poetry, Poetry as Art, from Whistler to Stravinsky and Beyond ebook cover
Wyndham Lewis and the Cultures of Modernity ebook cover
Resisting the Place of Belonging: Uncanny Homecomings in Religion, Narrative and the Arts ebook cover
Scotland, CEMA and the Arts Council, 1919-1967 ebook cover
Curious Lessons in the Museum: The Pedagogic Potential of Artists' Interventions ebook cover
The Image of Christ in Modern Art ebook cover
'A Student in Arms': Donald Hankey and Edwardian Society at War ebook cover
Emerging Landscapes: Between Production and Representation ebook cover
New Collecting: Exhibiting and Audiences after New Media Art ebook cover
Museum Representations of Maoist China: From Cultural Revolution to Commie Kitsch ebook cover
Collage in Twentieth-Century Art, Literature, and Culture ebook cover
Vladimir Markov and Russian Primitivism: A Charter for the Avant-Garde ebook cover
The Rise and Fall of American Art, 1940s-1980s: A Geopolitics of Western Art Worlds ebook cover