Multivariate Analysis Ebooks

Structural Equation Modeling with Amos: Basic Concepts, Applications, and Programming ebook cover
Applied Latent Class Analysis ebook cover
Independent Component Analysis ebook cover
Methods of Multivariate Analysis ebook cover
Introductory Statistics: Statistics, Statistics ebook cover
An Introduction to Credit Derivatives ebook cover
An Introduction to Latent Variable Growth Curve Modeling ebook cover
Latent Variable Models: An Introduction to Factor, Path, and Structural Equation Analysis ebook cover
Handbook of Applied Multivariate Statistics and Mathematical Modeling ebook cover
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Multivariate Statistics: High-Dimensional and Large-Sample Approximations ebook cover
Methods of Multivariate Analysis ebook cover
Multi-factor Models and Signal Processing Techniques: Application to Quantitative Finance ebook cover
Regression Graphics: Ideas for Studying Regressions Through Graphics ebook cover
Aspects of Multivariate Statistical Theory ebook cover
Multivariate Observations ebook cover
Constrained Statistical Inference: Order, Inequality, and Shape Constraints ebook cover
Smoothing of Multivariate Data: Density Estimation and Visualization ebook cover
Linear Model Theory: Univariate, Multivariate, and Mixed Models ebook cover
Statistical Inference for Models with Multivariate t-Distributed Errors ebook cover
Multivariate Analysis for the Biobehavioral and Social Sciences: A Graphical Approach ebook cover
Computational Statistics ebook cover
Multivariate Statistical Simulation ebook cover
Multivariate Time Series Analysis: With R and Financial Applications ebook cover
Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics ebook cover