Multivariate Analysis Ebooks

Regression Graphics: Ideas for Studying Regressions Through Graphics ebook cover
Aspects of Multivariate Statistical Theory ebook cover
Multivariate Observations ebook cover
Constrained Statistical Inference: Order, Inequality, and Shape Constraints ebook cover
Smoothing of Multivariate Data: Density Estimation and Visualization ebook cover
Linear Model Theory: Univariate, Multivariate, and Mixed Models ebook cover
Statistical Inference for Models with Multivariate t-Distributed Errors ebook cover
Multivariate Analysis for the Biobehavioral and Social Sciences: A Graphical Approach ebook cover
Computational Statistics ebook cover
Multivariate Statistical Simulation ebook cover
Multivariate Time Series Analysis: With R and Financial Applications ebook cover
Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics ebook cover
An Easy Guide to Factor Analysis ebook cover
An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis ebook cover
Structural Equation Modeling With EQS ebook cover
Factor Analysis ebook cover
Statistical Methods of Discrimination and Classification ebook cover
Mathematical Tools for Applied Multivariate Analysis ebook cover
Discriminant Analysis and Applications ebook cover
Multivariate Statistics and Probability: Essays in Memory of Paruchuri R. Krishnaiah ebook cover
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Multivariate Analysis: Future Directions 2 ebook cover
Fundamentals of Applied Probability and Random Processes ebook cover
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Fixed Effects Analysis of Variance ebook cover
Multivariate Statistical Inference ebook cover