Nanotechnology Ebooks

Nanoscience and the Environment ebook cover
$178.10 $192.00
Life Science Automation Fundamentals and Applications ebook cover
$147.45 $169.00
Ultrananocrystalline Diamond: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications ebook cover
$224.95 $245.00
Tribology of Polymeric Nanocomposites: Friction and Wear of Bulk Materials and Coatings ebook cover
$216.20 $235.00
Population Balances: Theory and Applications to Particulate Systems in Engineering ebook cover
$211.80 $230.00
Structured Light and Its Applications ebook cover
$144.85 $155.00
Nanomaterials: Research Towards Applications ebook cover
$220.60 $240.00
Micro and Nano Manipulations for Biomedical Applications ebook cover
$113.45 $129.00
Microfabrication for Industrial Applications ebook cover
$203.00 $220.00
Through-Silicon Vias for 3D Integration ebook cover
$148.45 $162.00
Polymer Green Flame Retardants ebook cover
$212.70 $231.00
Nanotechnology and Global Equality ebook cover
Nanobiotechnology for Sensing Applications: From Lab to Field ebook cover
Advanced Nanomaterials for Wastewater Remediation ebook cover
$226.20 $239.95
Chemically Modified Nanopores and Nanochannels ebook cover
$158.40 $170.00
Sustainable Nanosystems Development, Properties, and Applications ebook cover
$230.70 $245.00
Advancing Medicine through Nanotechnology and Nanomechanics Applications ebook cover
Applying Nanotechnology for Environmental Sustainability ebook cover
$212.70 $225.00
Advances in Computers: Nanotechnology ebook cover
Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology: Concise Edition ebook cover
$255.40 $280.00
What Can Nanotechnology Learn From Biotechnology? ebook cover
$82.50 $86.95
Optofluidics ebook cover
Emerging Nanotechnologies for Manufacturing ebook cover
$207.40 $225.00
Ceramic Thick Films for MEMS and Microdevices ebook cover
$185.25 $200.00