Native American Studies Ebooks

Climate and Culture Change in North America AD 900-1600 ebook cover
The Karankawa Indians of Texas: An Ecological Study of Cultural Tradition and Change ebook cover
Land of the Tejas: Native American Identity and Interaction in Texas, A.D. 1300 to 1700 ebook cover
Indians of the Rio Grande Delta ebook cover
Visualizing the Sacred ebook cover
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Faces of the North: The Ethnographic Photography of John Honigmann ebook cover
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Voices From the Odeyak ebook cover
$6.80 $7.99
Ownership and Nurture: Studies in Native Amazonian Property Relations ebook cover
Dismembered: Native Disenrollment and the Battle for Human Rights ebook cover
The Unwritten Literature of the Hopi ebook cover
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Earth 2012: The Violet Age ebook cover
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Commerce by a Frozen Sea: Native Americans and the European Fur Trade ebook cover
Learning Native Wisdom ebook cover
Connecticut's Indigenous Peoples ebook cover
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Contesting Constructed Indian-ness ebook cover
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Poison Arrows: North American Indian Hunting and Warfare ebook cover
Tribes, Treaties, and Constitutional Tribulations ebook cover
Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties: An Indian Declaration of Independence ebook cover
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American Indians, American Justice ebook cover
$20.50 $23.95
Surviving in Two Worlds: Contemporary Native American Voices ebook cover
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Native American Mathematics ebook cover
The Emergence of the Moundbuilders ebook cover
Contemporary Maya Spirituality: The Ancient Ways Are Not Lost ebook cover
The Tanoak Tree: An Environmental History of a Pacific Coast Hardwood ebook cover