Natural Language Processing Ebooks

Linked Lexical Knowledge Bases: Foundations and Applications ebook cover
Domain-Sensitive Temporal Tagging ebook cover
Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation ebook cover
Introduction to Machine Learning with Python: A Guide for Data Scientists ebook cover
$37.65 $42.99
Natural Language Processing: Python and NLTK ebook cover
NLTK Essentials ebook cover
Goal-based Reasoning for Argumentation ebook cover
Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception ebook cover
Natural Language Processing for Social Media ebook cover
Python Machine Learning ebook cover
A Practical Guide to XLIFF 2.0 ebook cover
$22.15 $24.95
Grammatical Inference for Computational Linguistics ebook cover
Learning to Rank for Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing ebook cover
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and the Design of Intelligent Agents ebook cover
Quotient Space Based Problem Solving: A Theoretical Foundation of Granular Computing ebook cover
Semantic Structures (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar): Advances in Natural Language Processing ebook cover
Text-based intelligent Systems ebook cover
Python 3 Text Processing with NLTK 3 Cookbook ebook cover
Thoughtful Machine Learning: A Test-Driven Approach ebook cover
$22.85 $25.99
Current Issues in Mathematical Linguistics ebook cover
Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Prolog ebook cover
Natural Language Processing with Java and LingPipe Cookbook ebook cover
Computers and Conversation ebook cover
Speech and Automata in Health Care ebook cover