Naval Ebooks

Sailors on the Rocks: Famous Royal Navy Shipwrecks ebook cover
U-Boat War Patrol: The Hidden Photographic Diary of U-564 ebook cover
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Turning the Tide: The Battles of Coral Sea and Midway ebook cover
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Bismarck: The Chase and Sinking of Hitler's Goliath ebook cover
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The Jutland Scandal: The Truth About the First World War's Greatest Sea Battles ebook cover
Routledge Handbook of Naval Strategy and Security ebook cover
Britain's War At Sea, 1914-1918: The war they thought and the war they fought ebook cover
Maritime Strategy and Sea Control: Theory and Practice ebook cover
British Submarines at War: 1914-1918 ebook cover
Big Wars and Small Wars: The British Army and the Lessons of War in the 20th Century ebook cover
Journey to the End of the Earth: WW2 Wargames in the Frozen North ebook cover
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Silent Strategists ebook cover
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In Peace and War: A History of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point ebook cover
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Chinese Naval Strategy in the 21st Century: The Turn to Mahan ebook cover
Navies of South-East Asia: A Comparative Study ebook cover
The Navy of World War II, 1922-1947 ebook cover
The Royal Navy and the Mediterranean Convoys: A Naval Staff History ebook cover
Naval Strategy and Operations in Narrow Seas ebook cover
The Pen and Ink Sailor: Charles Middleton and the King's Navy, 1778-1813 ebook cover
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The British Invasion of the River Plate 1806-1807 ebook cover
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Sea Change at Annapolis: The United States Naval Academy, 1949-2000 ebook cover
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The Lusitania Saga & Myth: 100 Years On ebook cover
$17.25 $22.50
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Soviet Cold War Weaponry: Aircraft, Warships and Missiles ebook cover
$10.95 $13.99
Battleships of the World: Struggle for Naval Supremacy 1820 - 1945 ebook cover