Oceanography Ebooks

Salinity and Tides in Alluvial Estuaries ebook cover
$133.05 $142.00
Benguela: Predicting a Large Marine Ecosystem ebook cover
$162.90 $175.00
Mediterranean Climate Variability ebook cover
$171.85 $185.00
Solution Chemistry: Minerals and Reagents ebook cover
$198.55 $215.00
International Conference on Isotopes and Environmental Studies ebook cover
$295.85 $325.00
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Encyclopedia of Tidepools and Rocky Shores ebook cover
$78.85 $99.95
Cyclic Development of Sedimentary Basins ebook cover
$194.15 $210.00
Onshore-Offshore Relationships on the North Atlantic Margin ebook cover
$273.15 $300.00
Lake and Reservoir Management ebook cover
$198.55 $215.00
Meteorology at the Millennium ebook cover
$99.20 $105.00
The Ecology of Poole Harbour ebook cover
$149.35 $160.00
Wetlands Ecosystems in Asia: Function and Management ebook cover
$216.20 $235.00
Marine Radioactivity ebook cover
$229.35 $250.00
Introduction to the Physics of Cohesive Sediment Dynamics in the Marine Environment ebook cover
$176.35 $190.00
Oceanography and Marine Environment in the Basque Country ebook cover
$291.30 $320.00
Physical Oceanography of the Frontal Zones in Sub-Arctic Seas ebook cover
$176.35 $190.00
Handbook of Stable Isotope Analytical Techniques ebook cover
$220.60 $240.00
Hurricane Generated Seas ebook cover
$190.00 $200.00
Interhemispheric Water Exchange in the Atlantic Ocean ebook cover
$253.05 $270.00
Latin American Coral Reefs ebook cover
$194.15 $210.00
Sedimentary Processes: Quantification Using Radionuclides ebook cover
$137.60 $147.00
Wind Over Waves: Forecasting and Fundamentals of Applications ebook cover
$116.65 $124.00
Metals, Metalloids and Radionuclides in the Baltic Sea Ecosystem ebook cover
$251.05 $275.00
Operational Oceanography: Implementation at the European and Regional Scales ebook cover
$246.75 $270.00