Oceanography Ebooks

Arctic Ocean Sediments: Processes, Proxies, and Paleoenvironment ebook cover
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Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Models ebook cover
Mesoscale/Synoptic Coherent Structures in Geophysical Turbulence ebook cover
Marine Metapopulations ebook cover
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Globalization and the World Ocean ebook cover
$26.85 $32.99
Wind Over Waves: Forecasting and Fundamentals of Applications ebook cover
Data Analysis Methods in Physical Oceanography ebook cover
Nonlinear Topics in Ocean Physics ebook cover
Ocean Circulation: Prepared by an Open University Course Team ebook cover
Icebergs ebook cover
Ecological Geography of the Sea ebook cover
Wetlands Ecosystems in Asia: Function and Management ebook cover
$218.75 $235.00
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Global Biogeochemical Cycles in the Climate System ebook cover
$103.70 $141.95
A New Ecology: Systems Perspective ebook cover
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Benguela: Predicting a Large Marine Ecosystem ebook cover
$164.85 $175.00
Introduction to the Physics of Cohesive Sediment Dynamics in the Marine Environment ebook cover
$178.45 $190.00
Evolution of Primary Producers in the Sea ebook cover
Light Scattering by Particles in Water: Theoretical and Experimental Foundations ebook cover
The Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem ebook cover
Advances in Marine Biology ebook cover
Physical and Chemical Oceanography, and Physical Resources ebook cover
$296.30 $320.00
Elements of Physical Oceanography: A derivative of the Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences ebook cover
Advances in Geophysics ebook cover
Global Warming and Global Cooling: Evolution of Climate on Earth ebook cover
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