Operations Research Ebooks

Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints ebook cover
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Schaum's Outline of Operations Research ebook cover
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Delayed and Network Queues ebook cover
Breakthroughs in Decision Science and Risk Analysis ebook cover
Cost Estimation: Methods and Tools ebook cover
Protean Supply Chains: Ten Dynamics of Supply and Demand Alignment ebook cover
Service Science: The Foundations of Service Engineering and Management ebook cover
Flexibility and Robustness in Scheduling ebook cover
Operational Research and Networks ebook cover
Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling: Models, Algorithms, Extensions and Applications ebook cover
Switching Processes in Queueing Models ebook cover
Production Scheduling ebook cover
Handbook of Decision Analysis ebook cover
Difference and Differential Equations with Applications in Queueing Theory ebook cover
Blackett's War ebook cover
Equitable Resource Allocation: Models, Algorithms and Applications ebook cover
Combinatorial Optimization and Theoretical Computer Science: Interfaces and Perspectives ebook cover
People and Organizations: Explorations of Human-Centered Design ebook cover
Demand Driven Performance: Operational Metrics for the 21st Century ebook cover
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Self-Modifying Systems in Biology and Cognitive Science ebook cover
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Systems Research in Health Care, Biocybernetics and Ecology ebook cover
Anticipatory Systems: Philosophical, Mathematical and Methodological Foundations ebook cover
Dynamics and Thermodynamics in Hierarchically Organized Systems ebook cover
Rethinking the Process of Operational Research & Systems Analysis ebook cover