Operations Research Ebooks

Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints ebook cover
Schaum's Outline of Operations Research ebook cover
$22.25 $27.00
Demand Driven Performance: Operational Metrics for the 21st Century ebook cover
$71.90 $76.00
Self-Modifying Systems in Biology and Cognitive Science ebook cover
Anticipatory Systems: Philosophical, Mathematical and Methodological Foundations ebook cover
Dynamics and Thermodynamics in Hierarchically Organized Systems ebook cover
Rethinking the Process of Operational Research & Systems Analysis ebook cover
Systems Effectiveness ebook cover
Decision Options, The Art and Science of Making Decisions ebook cover
$22.40 $28.95
Supply Chain Management and Logistics: Innovative Strategies and Practical Solutions ebook cover
Constructive Engineering of Large Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants ebook cover
$57.80 $74.99
Multiple Criteria Decision Making Applications in Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing and Product Recovery ebook cover
Analyzing Risk through Probabilistic Modeling in Operations Research ebook cover
Advances in Metaheuristics: Applications in Engineering Systems ebook cover
Supply Chain Management Models ebook cover
Corporate and Global Standardization Initiatives in Contemporary Society ebook cover
The Handbook for Quality Management, Second Edition ebook cover
$75.55 $79.95
Maintenance Engineering Handbook, Eighth Edition ebook cover
$139.40 $149.95
Engineering Project Management for the Global High Technology Industry ebook cover
$75.55 $79.95
Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering ebook cover