Organic Ebooks

Modern Carbonylation Methods ebook cover
Compendium of Organic Synthetic Methods, Volume 13 ebook cover
Modern Supramolecular Chemistry: Strategies for Macrocycle Synthesis ebook cover
Decontamination of Warfare Agents: Enzymatic Methods for the Removal of B/C Weapons ebook cover
Supramolecular Catalysis ebook cover
Isocyanide Chemistry: Applications in Synthesis and Material Science ebook cover
Organic Mechanisms: Reactions, Methodology, and Biological Applications ebook cover
Modern Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution ebook cover
Pincer and Pincer-Type Complexes: Applications in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis ebook cover
Side Reactions in Organic Synthesis II: Aromatic Substitutions ebook cover
Application of Nanotechnology in Water Research ebook cover
The Art of Problem Solving in Organic Chemistry ebook cover
Solvent Effects in Chemistry ebook cover
Diversity-Oriented Synthesis ebook cover
Bioactive Carboxylic Compound Classes: Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals ebook cover
Stereochemistry and Stereoselective Synthesis: An Introduction ebook cover
Organic Chemistry II For Dummies ebook cover
Partition and Adsorption of Organic Contaminants in Environmental Systems ebook cover
The Vocabulary and Concepts of Organic Chemistry ebook cover
Name Reactions of Functional Group Transformations ebook cover
Ferrocenes: Homogeneous Catalysis, Organic Synthesis, Materials Science ebook cover
Modern Surface Organometallic Chemistry ebook cover
Practical Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Principles, and Techniques ebook cover
Scattering and Dynamics of Polymers: Seeking Order in Disordered Systems ebook cover