Organic Ebooks

Revival: CRC Handbook of Eicosanoids, Volume II (1989): Prostaglandins and Related Lipids ebook cover
Microwave-Mediated Biofuel Production ebook cover
Reactivity of P-H Group of Phosphorus Based Compounds ebook cover
$232.05 $250.00
Carbohydrate Chemistry: Proven Synthetic Methods, Volume 4 ebook cover
Multicomponent Reactions: Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocycles ebook cover
Water Extraction of Bioactive Compounds: From Plants to Drug Development ebook cover
$223.20 $240.00
Polysaccharides in Medicinal Applications ebook cover
$376.90 $397.00
Medicinal Plants for Holistic Health and Well-Being ebook cover
CRC Handbook of Organic Analytical Reagents, Second Edition ebook cover
$483.05 $509.00
Studies in Natural Products Chemistry ebook cover
$273.20 $295.00
Heterogeneous Catalysis in Organic Chemistry ebook cover
$187.45 $200.00
Advances in Organometallic Chemistry ebook cover
Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry ebook cover
Clinical and Translational Science: Principles of Human Research ebook cover
$130.05 $137.00
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Biofuels ebook cover
$22.40 $28.95
Organic Synthesis ebook cover
Progress in Medicinal Chemistry ebook cover
Proteomic Profiling and Analytical Chemistry: The Crossroads ebook cover
$141.95 $149.95
Modern Biopolymer Science , Bridging the Divide between Fundamental Treatise and Industrial Application ebook cover
$160.30 $170.00
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Chemistry: The Science in Context ebook cover
$46.60 $62.50
Concerning Amines: Their Properties, Preparation and Reactions ebook cover
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Organic Chemistry ebook cover
$22.40 $28.95
Organic Chemistry: Principles and Mechanisms ebook cover
High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry ebook cover