Organic Ebooks

Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis for Human Health ebook cover
Polymers, Patents, Profits: A Classic Case Study for Patent Infighting ebook cover
Personal Care Compounds in the Environment: Pathways, Fate and Methods for Determination ebook cover
Asymmetric Catalysis on Industrial Scale: Challenges, Approaches and Solutions ebook cover
Functional Organic Materials: Syntheses, Strategies and Applications ebook cover
The Claisen Rearrangement: Methods and Applications ebook cover
Ketenes ebook cover
A Basic Introduction to Pollutant Fate and Transport ebook cover
Wastewater Bacteria ebook cover
Nanotechnology: Basic Calculations for Engineers and Scientists ebook cover
Polymeric Materials in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis ebook cover
Electrophoresis in Practice ebook cover
Highlights in Bioorganic Chemistry: Methods and Applications ebook cover
Solvent-free Organic Synthesis ebook cover
Solvents and Solvent Effects in Organic Chemistry ebook cover
DNA and RNA Binders, From Small Molecules to Drugs ebook cover
Multicomponent Reactions ebook cover
Modern Fluoroorganic Chemistry: Synthesis, Reactivity, Applications ebook cover
Late Transition Metal Polymerization Catalysis ebook cover
Multimetallic Catalysts in Organic Synthesis ebook cover
Modern Organonickel Chemistry ebook cover
Aqueous-Phase Organometallic Catalysis: Concepts and Applications ebook cover
Modern Rhodium-Catalyzed Organic Reactions ebook cover
Side Reactions in Organic Synthesis: A Guide to Successful Synthesis Design ebook cover