Organic Ebooks

Templated Organic Synthesis ebook cover
Combinatorial Chemistry: Synthesis, Analysis, Screening ebook cover
Chemical Synthesis Using Supercritical Fluids ebook cover
Molecular Catenanes, Rotaxanes and Knots ebook cover
Template Synthesis of Macrocyclic Compounds ebook cover
Modern Polymer Spectroscopy ebook cover
Dendritic Molecules: Concepts, Syntheses, Perspectives ebook cover
Metal-catalyzed Cross-coupling Reactions ebook cover
Vitamin B 12 and B 12-Proteins ebook cover
Active Metals: Preparation, Characterization, Applications ebook cover
Roth Collection of Natural Products Data: Concise Descriptions and Spectra ebook cover
Organic Synthesis Highlights III ebook cover
Diversity-Oriented Synthesis ebook cover
Transition-Metal-Mediated Aromatic Ring Construction ebook cover
Photochemically-Generated Intermediates in Synthesis ebook cover
More Dead Ends and Detours: En Route to Successful Total Synthesis ebook cover
NMR in Organometallic Chemistry ebook cover
Catalytic Methods in Asymmetric Synthesis ebook cover
N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: Effective Tools for Organometallic Synthesis ebook cover
Arrow Pushing in Inorganic Chemistry ebook cover