Parallel Programming Ebooks

Parallel Programming in OpenMP ebook cover
Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Networks ebook cover
Introduction to Lattice Theory with Computer Science Applications ebook cover
Parallel Programming with Intel Parallel Studio XE ebook cover
High-Performance Computing on Complex Environments ebook cover
Large-scale Distributed Systems and Energy Efficiency: A Holistic View ebook cover
High Performance Parallel Database Processing and Grid Databases ebook cover
Professional CUDA C Programming ebook cover
Parallel Combinatorial Optimization ebook cover
Professional Parallel Programming with C#: Master Parallel Extensions with .NET 4 ebook cover
GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition ebook cover
An Introduction to Parallel Programming ebook cover
Programming Amazon EC2 ebook cover
$24.30 $27.99
Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor High-Performance Programming ebook cover
Malware Diffusion Models for Modern Complex Networks: Theory and Applications ebook cover
$112.95 $120.00
Hadoop: The Definitive Guide: Storage and Analysis at Internet Scale ebook cover
$39.60 $42.99
Foundations of Quantum Programming ebook cover
$112.95 $120.00
Mastering Clojure ebook cover
Distributed Computing with Python ebook cover
Hadoop: The Definitive Guide ebook cover
$34.45 $39.99
Hadoop: The Definitive Guide: The Definitive Guide ebook cover
$31.05 $35.99
The Art of Concurrency: A Thread Monkey's Guide to Writing Parallel Applications ebook cover
$31.05 $35.99
Concurrency in C# Cookbook: Asynchronous, Parallel, and Multithreaded Programming ebook cover
$27.70 $31.99
Efficient Android Threading: Asynchronous Processing Techniques for Android Applications ebook cover
$13.20 $14.99