Peace Ebooks

Patterns of Peacemaking ebook cover
Internationalized State-Building after Violent Conflict: Bosnia Ten Years after Dayton ebook cover
Israel at the Polls 2006 ebook cover
Living Together After Ethnic Killing: Exploring the Chaim Kaufman Argument ebook cover
A Dissenting Democracy: The Israeli Movement 'Peace Now' ebook cover
Reconstructing Post-Saddam Iraq ebook cover
Intelligence and International Security: New Perspectives and Agendas ebook cover
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The EU and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 1971-2013: In Pursuit of a Just Peace ebook cover
$35.95 $44.99
9/11 and Collective Memory in US Classrooms: Teaching About Terror ebook cover
Humanitarian Crises, Intervention and Security ebook cover
Cooperative Peacekeeping in Africa: Exploring Regime Complexity ebook cover
International Multiparty Mediation and Conflict Management ebook cover
The Politics of Trauma and Peace-Building: Lessons from Northern Ireland ebook cover
Decentralisation and the Management of Ethnic Conflict ebook cover
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The Art of Peace: Engaging a Complex World ebook cover
$21.20 $29.95
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Civil Society, Peace, and Power ebook cover
$29.05 $38.99
Books, Not Bombs: Teaching Peace Since the Dawn of the Republic ebook cover
Experiencing War ebook cover
Conflict, Security and Development: An Introduction ebook cover
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Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal ebook cover
$6.70 $8.95
From the Inside Out: Observations on Quaker Work at the United Nations ebook cover
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Reconstruction and Peace Building in the Balkans: The Brcko Experience ebook cover
$39.90 $49.99
Give Peace a Chance: Preventing Mass Violence ebook cover
Crisis Information Management: Communication and Technologies ebook cover