Peace Ebooks

The Future of Peace: On The Front Lines with the World's Great Peacemakers ebook cover
Inheriting the Holy Land: An American's Search for Hope in the Middle East ebook cover
The End of the Peace Process: Oslo and After ebook cover
The Conscious Activist: Where Activism Meets Mysticism ebook cover
Blueprint for Revolution ebook cover
Defending Israel: A Controversial Plan Toward Peace ebook cover
Second Wave Spirituality: Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice ebook cover
Beyond Duty: Life on the Frontline in Iraq ebook cover
Peace Processes: A Sociological Approach ebook cover
International Mediation ebook cover
Elusive Peace: How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve World Conflicts ebook cover
Our Last Best Chance: A Story of War and Peace ebook cover
Ethical Realism ebook cover
Peace Be Upon You ebook cover
A View of the Ocean ebook cover
Grandmothers Against the War: Getting Off Our Fannies And Standing Up For Peace ebook cover
Ain't My America ebook cover
Transforming Education for Peace ebook cover
Afghanistan, Arms and Conflict ebook cover
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Moral Constraints on War: Principles and Cases ebook cover
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A Zionist among Palestinians ebook cover
$27.70 $35.99
International Conflict Management ebook cover
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Conflict and Peacebuilding in the African Great Lakes Region ebook cover
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Global Justice, Kant and the Responsibility to Protect: A Provisional Duty ebook cover