Peace Ebooks

The Price of Peace: Just War in the Twenty-First Century ebook cover
Peace Maintenance: The Evolution of International Political Economy ebook cover
In the Midst of Events ebook cover
Peacekeeping and the International System ebook cover
Media, War and Postmodernity ebook cover
Political Discourse and Conflict Resolution: Debating Peace in Northern Ireland ebook cover
Economic Assistance and Conflict Transformation: Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland ebook cover
For The People ebook cover
The Ethics of War and Peace: An Introduction ebook cover
EU Foreign Policymaking and the Middle East Conflict ebook cover
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Anthropologists in Arms: The Ethics of Military Anthropology ebook cover
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Writing the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Pragmatism and Historical Inquiry ebook cover
$30.85 $37.99
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Strategic Nonviolent Power: The Science of Satyagraha ebook cover
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Diminishing Conflicts in Asia and the Pacific: Why Some Subside and Others Don't ebook cover
Peacebuilding and Local Ownership: Post-Conflict Consensus-Building ebook cover
War and Society in the Greek World ebook cover
The NATO Intervention in Libya: Lessons learned from the campaign ebook cover
Patterns of Peacemaking ebook cover
Internationalized State-Building after Violent Conflict: Bosnia Ten Years after Dayton ebook cover
Israel at the Polls 2006 ebook cover
Living Together After Ethnic Killing: Exploring the Chaim Kaufman Argument ebook cover
A Dissenting Democracy: The Israeli Movement 'Peace Now' ebook cover
Reconstructing Post-Saddam Iraq ebook cover
Intelligence and International Security: New Perspectives and Agendas ebook cover