Penology Ebooks

Beyond Foucault: New Perspectives on Bentham's Panopticon ebook cover
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On Crimes and Punishments ebook cover
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Imprisoned Religion ebook cover
Education in Prison: Studying Through Distance Learning ebook cover
Prison Violence: Causes, Consequences and Solutions ebook cover
Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation ebook cover
Racialized Correctional Governance: The Mutual Constructions of Race and Criminal Justice ebook cover
Penal Culture and Hyperincarceration: The Revival of the Prison ebook cover
Capital Punishment: New Perspectives ebook cover
Essentials of Corrections ebook cover
Capital Punishment: A Hazard to a Sustainable Criminal Justice System? ebook cover
The Death Penalty in Africa: The Path Towards Abolition ebook cover
Handbook on Prisons ebook cover
Incarceration Nation ebook cover
23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement ebook cover
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After Prisons?: Freedom, Decarceration, and Justice Disinvestment ebook cover
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Happiness is Door Shaped ebook cover
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The Global Decline of the Mandatory Death Penalty ebook cover
Introduction to Criminal Justice ebook cover
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A Home for Wayward Boys: The Early History of the Alabama Boys' Industrial School ebook cover
$7.45 $9.99
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602: Form of Futility ebook cover
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Chinese Women Through Chinese Eyes ebook cover
Constitutional Rights of Prisoners ebook cover
Briefs of Leading Cases in Corrections ebook cover