Petroleum Ebooks

Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage ebook cover
Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction ebook cover
$21.85 $24.95
Refining Processes Handbook ebook cover
$149.35 $160.00
Natural Gas Hydrates: A Guide for Engineers ebook cover
$113.90 $121.00
Gas Well Deliquification: Solutions to Gas Well Liquid Loading Problems ebook cover
$84.35 $88.95
Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage ebook cover
Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover ebook cover
$118.45 $126.00
Reservoir Engineering Handbook ebook cover
$194.15 $210.00
Subsea Pipelines and Risers ebook cover
$295.85 $325.00
Carbonates in Continental Settings: Facies, Environments, and Processes ebook cover
$162.90 $175.00
Carbonates in Continental Settings: Geochemistry, Diagenesis and Applications ebook cover
$176.35 $190.00
Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants: Volume 2 ebook cover
$180.80 $195.00
The Guide to Oilwell Fishing Operations: Tools, Techniques, and Rules of Thumb ebook cover
$112.95 $120.00
Offshore Pioneers: Brown & Root and the History of Offshore Oil and Gas ebook cover
Developments in Offshore Engineering: Wave Phenomena and Offshore Topics ebook cover
$203.00 $220.00
The Sedimentary Basins of the United States and Canada ebook cover
$207.40 $225.00
Deep Challenge: Our Quest for Energy Beneath the Sea ebook cover
Natural Gas Hydrates in Flow Assurance ebook cover
$121.15 $128.95
Well Test Analysis for Fractured Reservoir Evaluation ebook cover
Carbonate Reservoir Characterization: A Geologic-Engineering Analysis, Part II ebook cover
$376.70 $414.00
Advanced Reservoir Engineering ebook cover
$94.55 $99.99
Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation ebook cover
$117.55 $125.00
Surface Production Operations, Volume 1: Design of Oil Handling Systems and Facilities ebook cover
$144.85 $155.00
Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering ebook cover
$140.25 $149.95