Phonetics & Phonics Ebooks

Phonetic and Phonological Aspects of Geminate Timing ebook cover
Auditory Representations in Phonology ebook cover
Introducing Performative Pragmatics ebook cover
Discourse Adjectives ebook cover
The Structure of Spoken Language ebook cover
Syllable and Word Languages ebook cover
Patterns of Spoken English: An Introduction to English Phonetics ebook cover
Grammar and Dialogism ebook cover
Vowel/Glide Alternation in a Theory of Constraint Interaction ebook cover
Pronunciation for English as an International Language: From research to practice ebook cover
English Phonetics and Pronunciation Practice ebook cover
English Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish: From Theory to Practice ebook cover
The Sound Structure of Modern Irish ebook cover
Acquiring Phonology ebook cover
From Inkmarks to Ideas: Current Issues in Lexical Processing ebook cover
On the Blunt Edge: Technology in Composition's History and Pedagogy ebook cover
The Phonological Mind ebook cover
The Effects of Duration and Sonority on Countour Tone Distribution ebook cover
The Synchronic and Diachronic Phonology of Ejectives ebook cover
Production, Perception, and Phonotactic Patterns: A Case of Contrastive Palatalization ebook cover
Distinctiveness, Coercion and Sonority: A Unified Theory of Weight ebook cover
An Effort Based Approach to Consonant Lenition ebook cover
Minimal Indirect Reference: A Theory of the Syntax-Phonology Interface ebook cover
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Black Names Matter: The Black Names Book ebook cover
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