Physical & Theoretical Ebooks

Physico-Chemistry of Solid-Gas Interfaces ebook cover
Micromechanics of Granular Materials ebook cover
Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis ebook cover
Plasma Chemistry and Catalysis in Gases and Liquids ebook cover
Molecular and Supramolecular Information Processing ebook cover
Flows and Chemical Reactions ebook cover
Electron Flow in Organic Chemistry: A Decision-Based Guide to Organic Mechanisms ebook cover
Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water ebook cover
An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics ebook cover
Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins in Organic Chemistry, Analysis and Function of Amino Acids and Peptides ebook cover
Palladium-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions: Practical Aspects and Future Developments ebook cover
Modern Methods in Stereoselective Aldol Reactions ebook cover
Microreactors in Organic Chemistry and Catalysis ebook cover
The Chemistry of Heterocycles ebook cover
Heterogeneous Kinematics Handbook ebook cover
Sustainable Catalysis ebook cover
Asymmetric Synthesis II: More Methods and Applications ebook cover
Orbital Interactions in Chemistry ebook cover
Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 152: Liquid Polymorphism ebook cover
Liquid Phase Oxidation via Heterogeneous Catalysis ebook cover
Polymers for Energy Storage and Conversion ebook cover
March's Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure ebook cover
Organic Mechanisms: Reactions, Methodology, and Biological Applications ebook cover
Emulsion Formation and Stability ebook cover