Physical & Theoretical Ebooks

Sulfur ebook cover
Physics and Applications of Secondary Electron Emission ebook cover
The Dynamics of Aerocolloidal Systems ebook cover
Organic Chemistry: An Acid-Base Approach, Second Edition ebook cover
Polysaccharide Hydrogels: Characterization and Biomedical Applications ebook cover
Living Matter: Algebra of Molecules ebook cover
Concepts of Mathematical Physics in Chemistry: A Tribute to Frank E. Harris - Part B ebook cover
Insights from Imaging in Bioinorganic Chemistry ebook cover
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Glass Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Properties and Applications ebook cover
$141.10 $149.00
External Magnetic Field Effects on Hydrothermal Treatment of Nanofluid ebook cover
$169.40 $180.00
Electron Correlation in Molecules - ab initio Beyond Gaussian Quantum Chemistry ebook cover
Surface Phenomena in the Structural and Mechanical Behaviour of Solid Polymers ebook cover
Advances in Mathematical Chemistry and Applications: Volume 1 ebook cover
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Photonic and Electronic Properties of Fluoride Materials ebook cover
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Organic Nanoreactors: From Molecular to Supramolecular Organic Compounds ebook cover
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Quantum Nanochemistry, Volume Two: Quantum Atoms and Periodicity ebook cover
Quantum Nanochemistry, Volume Three: Quantum Molecules and Reactivity ebook cover
Physical Chemistry for the Chemical and Biochemical Sciences ebook cover
Quantum Nanochemistry, Volume Four: Quantum Solids and Orderability ebook cover
Quantum Nanochemistry, Volume One: Quantum Theory and Observability ebook cover
Microwave Engineering of Nanomaterials: From Mesoscale to Nanoscale ebook cover
Many-Body Effects and Electrostatics in Biomolecules ebook cover
Chemometrics Applications and Research: QSAR in Medicinal Chemistry ebook cover
Nanodispersions ebook cover