Physical & Theoretical Ebooks

Concise Physical Chemistry ebook cover
Modeling and Simulation in Polymers ebook cover
Superacid Chemistry ebook cover
The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals ebook cover
Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy, Applications in Stereochemical Analysis of Synthetic Compounds, Natural Products, and Biomolecules ebook cover
Surface and Thin Film Analysis ebook cover
Structural Glasses and Supercooled Liquids: Theory, Experiment, and Applications ebook cover
Anion Coordination Chemistry ebook cover
Plasma Chemistry and Catalysis in Gases and Liquids ebook cover
Modern Methods in Stereoselective Aldol Reactions ebook cover
The Chemistry of Heterocycles ebook cover
Heterogeneous Kinematics Handbook ebook cover
Orbital Interactions in Chemistry ebook cover
Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 153 ebook cover
Multilayer Thin Films: Sequential Assembly of Nanocomposite Materials ebook cover
Sustainable Catalysis ebook cover
Inorganic Syntheses, Volume 36 ebook cover
Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 155 ebook cover
Ionic Liquids further UnCOILed: Critical Expert Overviews ebook cover
Lithium Compounds in Organic Synthesis: From Fundamentals to Applications ebook cover
Photochemistry and Photophysics: Concepts, Research, Applications ebook cover
Electrochemical Engineering Across Scales: From Molecules to Processes ebook cover
Molecular Metal-Metal Bonds: Compounds, Synthesis, Properties ebook cover
Handbook of Metathesis, Volume 3: Polymer Synthesis ebook cover