Planning Ebooks

Urban Complexity and Planning: Theories and Computer Simulations ebook cover
Global Sustainable Communities Handbook: Green Design Technologies and Economics ebook cover
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Public Places - Urban Spaces ebook cover
Creative Community Planning: Transformative Engagement Methods for Working at the Edge ebook cover
Urban Design Reader ebook cover
Transcultural Cities: Border-Crossing and Placemaking ebook cover
Capitalism's Eye: Cultural Spaces of the Commodity ebook cover
The Regional Imperative ebook cover
Metropolitan Planning in Britain: A Comparative Study ebook cover
British Regionalism and Devolution ebook cover
Spatial Planning Systems and Practices in Europe ebook cover
A City Reframed: Managing Warsaw in the 1990's ebook cover
Actor Networks of Planning: Exploring the Influence of Actor Network Theory ebook cover
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Urban Ecologies 2013 ebook cover
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Cities in Transition: Social Innovation for Europe's Urban Sustainability ebook cover
Low Car(bon) Communities: Inspiring car-free and car-lite urban futures ebook cover
Cities in the 21st Century ebook cover
Restructuring Industry and Territory: The Experience of Europe's Regions ebook cover
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$3.71 $4.99
Vernacular Architecture in the 21st Century: Theory, Education and Practice ebook cover
European Valuation Practice: Theory and Techniques ebook cover
Rethinking the Meaning of Place: Conceiving Place in Architecture-Urbanism ebook cover
The Exposed City: Mapping the Urban Invisibles ebook cover
A Planner's Encounter with Complexity ebook cover