Planning Ebooks

Global Networks, Linked Cities ebook cover
Neoliberal Spatial Governance ebook cover
Learning from Bogota: Pedagogical Urbanism and the Reshaping of Public Space ebook cover
Encounters in Planning Thought ebook cover
City Branding: The Ghostly Politics of Representation in Globalising Cities ebook cover
Globalizing Seoul: The City's Cultural and Urban Change ebook cover
Planning for a City of Culture: Creative Urbanism in Toronto and New York ebook cover
Planning Under Pressure ebook cover
Cities and Cultures ebook cover
Globalizing Taipei: The Political Economy of Spatial Development ebook cover
Cities and Climate Change ebook cover
Manifestoes and Transformations in the Early Modernist City ebook cover
Social Motivation ebook cover
Whose Urban Renaissance?: An international comparison of urban regeneration strategies ebook cover
Mapping Controversies in Architecture ebook cover
Design After Decline: How America Rebuilds Shrinking Cities ebook cover
Parallel Patterns of Shrinking Cities and Urban Growth ebook cover
Charter of the New Urbanism, 2nd Edition ebook cover
$60.75 $64.00
Policy, Planning, and People: Promoting Justice in Urban Development ebook cover
Independent for Life: Homes and Neighborhoods for an Aging America ebook cover
$21.35 $24.95
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Design for a Vulnerable Planet ebook cover
$38.05 $45.00
Farming Cuba: Urban Agriculture From the Ground Up ebook cover
$26.30 $27.99
Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes ebook cover
SpeakOut: The Step-by-Step Guide to SpeakOuts and Community Workshops ebook cover