Poetry Ebooks

Belonging and Estrangement in the Poetry of Philip Larkin, R.S. Thomas and Charles Causley ebook cover
The Poetry of Raymond Carver: Against the Current ebook cover
Otherworldly John Dryden: Occult Rhetoric in His Poems and Plays ebook cover
Literature and the Encounter with God in Post-Reformation England ebook cover
The Epistemological Perspective of the Pearl-Poet ebook cover
Authority in Crisis in French Literature, 1850-1880 ebook cover
Milton and the Politics of Public Speech ebook cover
Memorializing Animals during the Romantic Period ebook cover
Rethinking Gaspara Stampa in the Canon of Renaissance Poetry ebook cover
Women Poets in the Victorian Era: Cultural Practices and Nature Poetry ebook cover
The Neglected Shelley ebook cover
Maternity and Romance Narratives in Early Modern England ebook cover
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A Sulfur Anthology ebook cover
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Walt Whitman and British Socialism: 'The Love of Comrades' ebook cover
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Ollam: A Festschrift for Tomas " Cathasaigh ebook cover
$65.75 $89.99
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Authority, Piracy, and Captivity in Colonial Spanish American Writing ebook cover
$51.45 $69.99
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Seamus Heaney's Regions ebook cover
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Elizabeth Bishop's Brazil ebook cover
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Selected Poetry and Prose of Edmond Holmes ebook cover
$58.60 $79.99
Corrupted into Song: The Complete Poems of Alvin Feinman ebook cover
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T.S. Eliot, Poetry, and Earth: The Name of the Lotos Rose ebook cover
$62.15 $84.99
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Symposium of the Whole: A Range of Discourse Toward an Ethnopoetics ebook cover
$32.20 $39.95
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Confessions of a Captured Angel ebook cover
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An Essay on Man ebook cover