Political Ebooks

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The Philosophical Treatise of William H. Ferris ebook cover
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A Critical Bibliography of Adam Smith ebook cover
The Routledge Handbook of Food Ethics ebook cover
Rousseau's Ethics of Truth: A Sublime Science of Simple Souls ebook cover
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Critical Theories of Crisis in Europe: From Weimar to the Euro ebook cover
$29.40 $38.99
Drones and Responsibility ebook cover
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Plato the Teacher: The Crisis of the Republic ebook cover
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The Realist Tradition and Contemporary International Relations ebook cover
$23.50 $24.95
The Government of Life: Foucault, Biopolitics, and Neoliberalism ebook cover
The Republic of the Living: Biopolitics and the Critique of Civil Society ebook cover
Aristotle ebook cover
Adorno and Democracy: The American Years ebook cover
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The Treatise of the Three Impostors and the Problem of Enlightenment ebook cover
$30.90 $41.00
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Madness Triumphant: A Reading of Lucan's Pharsalia ebook cover
$99.05 $124.99
The Social and Political Thought of Noam Chomsky ebook cover
Political Judgement: Essays for John Dunn ebook cover
A Degree of Illumination: Humanity's Hidden History ebook cover
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Constructing Community ebook cover
$66.40 $82.99
Manipulating Democracy ebook cover
Metaphor, Nation and the Holocaust: The Concept of the Body Politic ebook cover
Political Obligation: A Critical Introduction ebook cover
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Why Democracy Needs Public Goods ebook cover
$44.35 $54.99
The Prince ebook cover
Pluralism and Liberal Politics ebook cover