Political Ebooks

Warring with Words: Narrative and Metaphor in Politics ebook cover
Elements of Morals ebook cover
Sophisms of the Protectionists ebook cover
Ideology and Social Order (RLE Social Theory) ebook cover
Jewish Philosophical Politics in Germany, 1789-1848 ebook cover
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Political Psychology: Situations, Individuals, and Cases ebook cover
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Politics and Teleology in Kant ebook cover
$109.65 $138.75
The New Leviathan ebook cover
Creolizing Political Theory: Reading Rousseau through Fanon ebook cover
The Government of Life: Foucault, Biopolitics, and Neoliberalism ebook cover
The Republic of the Living: Biopolitics and the Critique of Civil Society ebook cover
Fugitive Rousseau: Slavery, Primitivism, and Political Freedom ebook cover
Law and Revolution in South Africa ebook cover
Freedom and Limits ebook cover
The Squatters' Movement in Europe: Commons and Autonomy as Alternatives to Capitalism ebook cover
Fredric Jameson: The Project of Dialectical Criticism ebook cover
Making Make-Believe Real: Politics as Theater in Shakespeare's Time ebook cover
Making Citizens: Rousseau's Political Theory of Culture ebook cover
Political Theory In Transition ebook cover
Justice and World Order: A Philosophical Inquiry ebook cover
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Max Stirner's Dialectical Egoism: A New Interpretation ebook cover
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Pragmatism, Politics, and Perversity: Democracy and the American Party Battle ebook cover
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Plato's Laws: Force and Truth in Politics ebook cover
$17.10 $21.99
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Persuasion and Compulsion in Democracy ebook cover
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