Political Science Ebooks

Urban Space and Cityscapes: Perspectives from Modern and Contemporary Culture ebook cover
Morality and Nationalism ebook cover
Transnational Migration and Work in Asia ebook cover
Palestinian Identity in Jordan and Israel ebook cover
Citizenship and the Nation-State in Greece and Turkey ebook cover
Sustainable Development: National Aspirations, Local Implementation ebook cover
Designing Sustainable Cities in the Developing World ebook cover
Law's Task: The Tragic Circle of Law, Justice and Human Suffering ebook cover
The Behavioral Origins of War ebook cover
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Unsuspecting Souls: Untangling the Danger in My DNA ebook cover
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From Blood Diamonds to the Kimberley Process ebook cover
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Same Bed, Different Dreams: Managing U.S.- China Relations, 1989-2000 ebook cover
$28.60 $34.95
Dante and Phlosophy ebook cover
African Political Systems ebook cover
Race Politics in Britain and France ebook cover
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Safirka: An American Envoy ebook cover
$16.45 $19.99
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East Asia and Globalization ebook cover
$41.15 $51.00
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Vladimir Putin and the New World Order: Looking East, Looking West? ebook cover
$41.90 $56.00
Argument and Change in World Politics ebook cover
America's Congress: Actions in the Public Sphere, James Madison Through Newt Gingrich ebook cover
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The War over Iraq: Saddam's Tyranny and America's Mission ebook cover
$12.80 $17.95
Theory of World Security ebook cover
American Government: Political Development and Institutional Change ebook cover
The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism ebook cover