Psychoanalysis Ebooks

The Social Nature of Persons: One Person is No Person ebook cover
A Psychoanalytic Approach to Visual Artists ebook cover
Paradigms in Psychoanalysis: An Integration ebook cover
Love and Other Emotions: On the Process of Feeling ebook cover
Bion and Being: Passion and the Creative Mind ebook cover
The Presentation of Case Material in Clinical Discourse ebook cover
Creative Readings: Essays on Seminal Analytic Works ebook cover
The Signifier Pointing at the Moon: Psychoanalysis and Zen Buddhism ebook cover
Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis ebook cover
Psychoanalysis and Education: Minding a Gap ebook cover
Absolute Truth and Unbearable Psychic Pain ebook cover
Envy is Not Innate: A New Model of Thinking ebook cover
The Embodied Self: Movement and Psychoanalysis ebook cover
Psychoanalytic Technique and the Creation of Analytic Patients ebook cover
The Evolved Structure of Human Social Behaviour and Personality: Psychoanalytic Insights ebook cover
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Lacan and Klein, Creation and Discovery: An Essay of Reintroduction ebook cover
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Play and Playfulness: Developmental, Cultural, and Clinical Aspects ebook cover
$34.05 $42.00
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Handling Children's Aggression Constructively: Toward Taming Human Destructiveness ebook cover
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Object Relations Psychotherapy ebook cover
$54.60 $68.00
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Psychoanalysis and Theism: Critical Reflections on the GrYnbaum Thesis ebook cover
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The Craft of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy ebook cover
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Self Experiences in Group, Revisited ebook cover
Insight: Essays on Psychoanalytic Knowing ebook cover
The Christopher Bollas Reader ebook cover