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Public Health Law and Ethics: A Reader ebook cover
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Clinical Ethics Consultation: Theories and Methods, Implementation, Evaluation ebook cover
The Practical Guide to HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance ebook cover
Reconsidering Bank Capital Regulation ebook cover
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Administrative Law and The Administrative Court in Wales ebook cover
$144.60 $200.41
Law, Culture and Society: Legal Ideas in the Mirror of Social Theory ebook cover
Comparative Judicial Systems: Challenging Frontiers in Conceptual and Empirical Analysis ebook cover
The Constitution of the People's Republic of China ebook cover
Constitutional and Administrative Law: Key Facts and Key Cases ebook cover
The Constitutional Value of Sunset Clauses: An historical and normative analysis ebook cover
Street-Level Sovereignty: The Intersection of Space and Law ebook cover
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Dictionary of Public International Law ebook cover
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Judicial Review and Contemporary Democratic Theory: Power, Domination, and the Courts ebook cover
Engineering Constitutional Change ebook cover
The Individual and Privacy: Volume I ebook cover
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Privacy in the Information Society: Volume II ebook cover
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Religion in the Public Space: Volume III ebook cover
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Technology and Legal Systems ebook cover
Ethics, Law and Society: Volume V ebook cover
Law Among Nations: An Introduction to Public International Law ebook cover
The Legal Treatment of Muslim Minorities in Italy: Islam and the Neutral State ebook cover
Gender and Migration in Italy: A Multilayered Perspective ebook cover
Legal Education in the Global Context: Opportunities and Challenges ebook cover
Emergency Ethics: Volume I ebook cover
$346.55 $365.00