Regional Studies Ebooks

New Media, Politics and Society in Israel ebook cover
Russian Israelis: Social Mobility, Politics and Culture ebook cover
Egyptian Art ebook cover
Urban Governance Under the Ottomans: Between Cosmopolitanism and Conflict ebook cover
Sociology and Social Work: Perspectives and Problems ebook cover
Science, Technology and the Human Prospect ebook cover
The More Developed Realm: A Geography of Its Population ebook cover
People: An International Choice: The Multilateral Approach to Population ebook cover
The Ecological Transition: Cultural Anthropology and Human Adaptation ebook cover
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Studying Appalachian Studies: Making the Path by Walking ebook cover
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Racial Spoils from Native Soils ebook cover
$64.05 $79.99
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Life in a Black Community ebook cover
$79.65 $99.99
Revolutionary Egypt: Connecting Domestic and International Struggles ebook cover
Bedouin of Mount Sinai: An Anthropological Study of their Political Economy ebook cover
Pacific Futures: Projects, Politics and Interests ebook cover
Political Survival and Yasukuni in Japan's Relations with China ebook cover
The Qur'an in the Malay-Indonesian World: Context and Interpretation ebook cover
Democratic Consolidation in Turkey: Micro and macro challenges ebook cover
Political Islam and Global Media: The boundaries of religious identity ebook cover
Hamas and the Media: Politics and strategy ebook cover
Hearing Sappho in New Orleans: The Call of Poetry from Congo Square to the Ninth Ward ebook cover
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The Small Players of the Great Game ebook cover
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Mexico's Economic Dilemma: The Developmental Failure of Neoliberalism ebook cover
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China's Geography ebook cover
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